Having an Online Store for companies selling services or products has now become a necessity. With there being 31.18 million internet users, of which 28.99 million are mobile internet users, the time to be online is now!

People that shop online find it far easier than heading to shopping malls. With the busy schedules, people have these days, having access to shopping online is vital. It saves the consumer precious time as they can few products they require and pay directly online. Being online allows you the opportunity to connect with potential customers online and offer advice on sales products. Building this relationship can only benefit your business going forward.

Below are some of the reason why having an Online Store is a must:


With several stores providing the same service as you, having an online store allows you to connect with potential clients that would not visit your store or business. It will enable you to create a new client base which can only benefit your business.

Reach a wider audience:

It allows you to market your services or products to a wider range of potential customers. You will be able to utilise social media to channel customers to your store. You are also able to direct more traffic to your online store by using Search Engine Optimisation on your website. It will allow your company to have a better Google ranking allowing more people to see your store and services.

Increased Sales and Revenue

With you able to reach a larger audience you will convert more sales. Your business will be open 365 days a year and 24 hours a day.

Cost Effective:

Having an online store is extremely cost effective due to you not having to pay rent or staff wages. It will allow you to promote your online store more efficiently.

VTA Digital Solutions are experts at designing Online Stores and will customise the online store according to your needs. They are also equipped to handle Social Media Campaign to direct traffic to your online store. The time to get online is now!